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Where were you when the final Godfather film was released? If you’re anything like me, you weren’t very old. Certainly not old enough to see it and, again if you are like me, you probably never got a chance to catch up. That’s the beauty of living in a time with Direct tv and the internet – it’s not super hard to catch up.

The Godfather III marked the end to one of the most critically-acclaimed trilogies ever to make it out of a Hollywood. Yeah, sure, you had Star Wars, but the Godfather was a gripping trilogy that had no equal. If you are looking for an accurate approximation nowadays, you could easily say that the Godfather trilogy was the Breaking bad of the late 80s and early 90s.

There is so much to love about the Godfather III. The acting was phenomenal and Al Pacino was just dynamite as were some of the returning stars of the film. Not to mention you had the great and esteemed Francis Ford Coppola returning to his magnum opus for one last hurrah.

And that’s really what the film feels like. A last hurrah. A big finish and something truly worthy of the name Godfather.

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The Godfather movie series is based on the novel series of the same name. The story follows the lives of a Sicilian crime family. The Godfather, Vito Corleone – also known as The Don or Don Corleone – has protected his youngest son, Michael Corleone, from the family business. However, crime and dishonor bring Michael into the family business, and once he arrives, he never leaves, at least not until the final installment of The Godfather movie series.

The first installment of the series introduces the characters in modern day, giving (more…)

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There is no question that The Godfather Movie Series in itself has become a cultural icon. These well scripted, well-acted films bring to life a world of crime, violence and greed yet manage to involve some sense of honor.

The famous Corleone family has become a cult classic for some and at least recognized buy most Americans. The first film was introduced to the world in 1972 where the average American was introduced to Hollywood’s most infamous crime family. The film has become the predecessor to (more…)

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