There is no question that The Godfather Movie Series in itself has become a cultural icon. These well scripted, well-acted films bring to life a world of crime, violence and greed yet manage to involve some sense of honor.

The famous Corleone family has become a cult classic for some and at least recognized buy most Americans. The first film was introduced to the world in 1972 where the average American was introduced to Hollywood’s most infamous crime family. The film has become the predecessor to many other gangster characters such as HBO’s popular New Jersey family head Tony Soprano. It also breed multiple documentaries that gave detailed information about the events took place amongst these families.

The biggest dilemma about the popularity of the Godfather Movie Series is whether the damage done from the film is worth the acclaim. Not only did the film birth many Italian-American stereotypes, it also popularized gangster culture. The effects of this culture were felt in countries as far as Nigeria.

The God Father Movies were definitely one of if not the mostly popular movie series presented. It introduced brutal gangster characters and established their own personal brand of honor. These films created Americas image of mafia participants and became an advertisement for mob involvement.

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